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We are building the perfect luggage for your trips; one that will fit all your travel shopping and you won't have to check-in at the airport.

e-luggage is an app for tourist & local product purchases. You can use it when travelling to add products from physical points of sale (museum shops, tourist shop etc) to your virtual “luggage” with your phone. 

Upon leaving the city, you just "close" your luggage, and that's it!  The products will be delivered directly to your home address.  

Ceramic Collection


The e-luggage app will soon be available to use in selected shops in Athens, Greece. 

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We are not your average start-up team, "young and talented with a dream to change the world" etc etc. In our case, this is a good thing, and here's why:

We are three experienced professionals, with an idea that will change the way business travelers, city breakers, and backpackers can experience and "consume" local culture and products. 

To achieve this, we designed a solution that brings together physical and digital shopping with cutting-edge technology and an innovative supply chain idea.

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